About Diona Marie

Diona Marie Brown was born in Cleveland Ohio. At a young age, her mother and father moved Diona to Atlanta, Ga. That is when Diona began modeling. Diona took part in fashion shows and photo shoots. A little while after starting her modeling career, Diona got the idea of wanting to become a fashion designer. One day Diona purchased a sewing machine from Walmart and hasn't looked back since. Since then Diona has designed jogger sets, prom dresses, birthday gowns, and even lingerie. Although Diona has moved over to the designer side of things, she never lost her modeling touch. Diona has created garments for fashion shows, award shows, movies, and even music videos. Diona Marie's main goal in the industry is to create garments that allow people to feel comfortable and sexy, while also building their self-esteem.